SMACC 2016 E Posters


Presenter Name Number Title
Alan Batt & Paige Mason 7

#FOAMems - the impact to date

Alan Batt & Paige Mason
Kim Hansen 29

A Clincial Analysis of Procedural Errors from EMER, the Emergency Medicine Events Register (

Kim Hansen
Cindy Garcia 23

A prospective fourteen-year study on resources for managing trauma in rural New South Wales

Cindy Garcia
William Fales 19

A Retrospective Comparison of the King Laryngeal Tube and I-gel Airways in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

William Fales
Christopher Edmunds 15

A Scottish Emergency Departmentâ€'s Airway Management Journey - creating standards of practice, maintaining quality, governance and taking downstairs care upstairs.

Christopher Edmunds
Sarah Jones 33

Accuracy of Point-of-Care Ultrasonography for Pediatric Ankle Sprain Injuries

Sarah Jones
Bishan Rajapakse 47

An advanced life support (ALS) guideline for the management of acute organophosphorus poisoning based upon literature recommendations

Bishan Rajapakse
Benjamin Mati 38

An Early Detection Score for Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock in the Emergency Department: A Pilot Study

Benjamin Mati
Michael Perlmutter 45

Analysis of Ketamine-related Adverse Events in a Large Ground and Air EMS Service

Michael Perlmutter
Anders Aneman 3

Can cardiac output dynamics be assessed by carotid artery Doppler examinations in post-operative cardiac patients?

Anders Aneman
Jamie Sillett 50

Can We Cover a Curriculum with FOAM(ed) or Is it Full of Holes?

Jamie Sillett
Adeel Akhtar 1

Cold weather effects on the Emergency Department performance indicators

Adeel Akhtar
Kevin Klassen 35

Correlation between presence of intravenous access at the onset of in-hospital cardiac arrest and survival to hospital discharge: A retrospective cohort analysis

Kevin Klassen
Laura V. Duggan 13

Crowd-sourcing the Emergency Surgical Airway: There'€™s an App for That!

Laura V. Duggan
James Foley 21

Cycling trauma presenting to the Emergency Department

James Foley
Adeel Akhtar 2

Desigining a major trauma centre - quest for evidence.

Adeel Akhtar
Sarah Yong 55

Development and evaluation of an innovative preparation course for the College of Intensive Care Medicine’s First Part Examination

Sarah Yong
Alan Batt 8

E-learning on the road: Irish prehospital care practitioners'€™ experiences of online learning and social media for continuing professional competency

Alan Batt
Mohd. Afzal Imtiaz 32

FOAM - It's usage in Emergency Department at a University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Mohd. Afzal Imtiaz
Rowan Duys 14

FOAMed for Africa: the model needs to change

Rowan Duys
Brooks Walsh 54

Google Image is a bad way to learn ECG lead placement: We all agree.

Brooks Walsh
Ruth Bird 11

Haemostatic Resuscitation for Massive Obstetric Haemorrhage: ROTEM Guided Transfusion

Ruth Bird
Natalie Thomas 51

ICOUGH TV: Using Social Media to Prepare Patients for Major Surgery

Natalie Thomas
Elaine Erasmus 18


Elaine Erasmus
Idunn Morris 40

Invasive Ventilation in Exacerbations of COPD; Are we good at predicting who will do badly?

Idunn Morris
Anders Aneman 4

Is impaired cerebrovascular autoregulation associated with outcome in patients admitted to ICU with early septic shock?

Anders Aneman
Una Nic Ionmhain 41

Is routine screening for Aspirin deliberate self-poisoning in Ireland worthwhile?

Una Nic Ionmhain
Paul Atkinson 5

Is there an association between the use of cardiac ultrasound and survival outcomes in patients arriving to the emergency department in cardiac arrest? The Second Sonography in Hypotension and Cardiac Arrest in the Emergency Department (SHOC-ED 2) Study.

Paul Atkinson
Diana Egerton-Warburton & B. McElwee 17

More Harm Than Good? Diagnostic Imaging In Patients With Suspected Cervical Spine Injury In The Emergency Department.

Diana Egerton-Warburton & B. McElwee
Christopher Belcher 9

Not so Fast: False Positive FAST view in the Pelvic Window

Christopher Belcher
Deirdre Glynn 26

Outcome at thirty days for low risk chest pain patients assessed using an Accelerated Diagnostic Pathway in the Emergency Department.

Deirdre Glynn
Patricia van den Berg 52

Physician-perceived Acceptability of the Manchester Acute Coronary Syndromes Decision Rule

Patricia van den Berg
Ashley Reed 49

Prehospital Risk Stratification using a Modified Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction (PRISM-TIMI) Score

Ashley Reed
Pip Lewis 36

Saving the critically injured trauma patient; a retrospective review of 1000 uses of intraosseous access

Pip Lewis
Anna Patricolo 44

Sink, Swim or Simulate? A Near-Peer Simulation Teaching Project for Newly Qualified Doctors.

Anna Patricolo
Paul Atkinson 6

Sonography in Hypotension and Cardiac Arrest (SHoC) - Hypotension: Derivation of an evidence based consensus algorithm for the integration of point of care ultrasound into resuscitation of hypotensive patients.

Paul Atkinson
Christopher Belcher 10

Standardized Cleaning Protocol Implementation Decreases Ultrasound Contamination

Christopher Belcher
Claire Heslop 31

Teaching thoracic ultrasound for trauma to non-ultrasound trained trauma care providers

Claire Heslop
Nina Catherine Cooper 12

The extent of violence and aggression in a London Major Trauma Centre and the impact it has on staff morale and retention

Nina Catherine Cooper
Carrie Harvey 30

The Impact of an Emergency Department Critical Care Unit on Early Palliative Care

Carrie Harvey
Christopher Edmunds 16

The introduction of an airway registry in a Scottish Intensive Care Unit (ICU) can it improve standards?

Christopher Edmunds
Benjamin Hall 27

The provision of user friendly trauma resources for clinicians across health - NSW Trauma App

Benjamin Hall
Alexa Gibbon 25

The role of thromboelastography in trauma-associated coagulopathy on the intensive care unit

Alexa Gibbon
Cilia Klara Winther Kjer 34

The use of medical simulation in introducing Ebola protection procedures to health care professionals

Cilia Klara Winther Kjer
Benjamin Mati 39

Ultrasound versus Chest X-ray in Detection of Pneumothorax Prior to Removal of Tube Thoracostomy in Trauma Patients: A Pilot Study

Benjamin Mati
Nicole Perry 46


Nicole Perry
Shannon Lockhart 37

Using Crowd-sourced Data to Increase Patient Safety During Awake Intubation: Release of €'The Airway App'

Shannon Lockhart
Hans van Schuppen 53

What is the added value of physician-staffed HEMS?

Hans van Schuppen